Welcome to Elgin Academy #TeamEA

We are here to help during these unprecedented times, however we can.

E-mail: admin.elginacad@moray-edunet.gov.uk
Tel: 01343 543485

An introduction on how to get logged in to Glow:

Glow Logins

Glow is used to login to Microsoft Teams. If you have forgotten your Glow login details, please send a request to the school using the button below.

Online Learning

In response to some of the issues raised by pupils with our Guidance Team, Mrs Macrae and Mr Terron have put together a help booklet to support pupils with frequent challenges when learning online.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is now to be used by all students for their learning. Microsoft Teams can be accessed through Glow. Click below for more information.

Teams Classes

When you login to teams all of your course choices will have a tile. If you are missing a class, request access using the button below.